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In-Person and Online

      Offering online appointments gives us the ability to reach clients all over the states of Michigan and Vermont with our specialized care. This can be a lifesaver for people in rural and other underserved areas. It also gives access to potential clients who are looking for EFT-based therapy. 

      Online therapy also provide access to those who don't have time to travel to appointments. We're happy to meet with you online!

      Many clients prefer meeting with their therapist in-person, and we work hard to offer a range of meeting times in our Dewitt, Michigan office. Our space is clean and professional with a discrete waiting area, where we offer coffee, tea, and water.

      Our office is just north of Lansing near the meeting point of highways 127 and 69, and is easily accessed from a number of communities.

Families, Couples, and Individuals

      While Emotionally-Focused Therapy is a relational model, it isn't just for couples. EFT therapists also specialize in family therapy and do impactful work with individuals, a practice designated as EFIT (emotionally-focused individual therapy).

      In EFIT, counselors understand that "emotional isolation is . . . a core issue a risk factor for all mental health issues." With in that framework, in EFIT counseling, "the primary goal is the expansion of the self, rather than the shaping of more positive bonding connections with specific others in-sessions." (quotes from Sue Johnson in this interview with Psychology Today.)


      Countless couples and families have found that Emotionally Focused Therapy is a lifesaver for their relationships. It is a mode of therapy that focuses on building stronger bonds between people. EFT recognizes the significance of the emotions we experience in relationship, as opposed to simply developing an intellectual understanding of relational problems. We believe deeply in this model as the best practice for working with all of our clients.

Hold Me Tight Retreats and Marriage Intensives

      Often, we find that couples make greater progress when they spend a large amount of focused time working on their relationship. That's why we offer occasional weekend retreats either in a group context, for our Hold Me Tight workshops, or through a marriage intensive focusing exclusively on your relationship.

      Hold Me Tight workshops utilize materials from Sue Johnson's book, Hold Me Tight, based on her groundbreaking research and theoretical approach to counseling.


Marriage intensives are designed for each individual couple. This could be a great way to kick off your counseling experience, or an opportunity to speed up your progress. Keep this possibility in mind as you begin working with your therapist.

Optimal Sexual Experiences

Rebecca and her co-teacher, Dave Isbell, are the only therapists in the state of Michigan trained and certified to offer the Optimal Sexual Experiences workshop. This workshop was created by clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz. Rebecca and Dave offer this workshop twice per year.

For more information about the optimal sexual experiences workshop, you can visit Dr. Kleinplatz' website.

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