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Bluebird Counseling:
The Right Kind of Help

We all go through seasons where we need extra support. The caring counselors at Bluebird are here to support you as you weather life's storms. If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, or trauma-- or if you just need someone to talk to, we can help.

Relationships are hard. Whether you're struggling with family relationship, friendships, or a relationship with a partner, we can help. Bluebird offers counseling for individuals who are dealing with relationship challenges as well as therapy for couples.


Rebecca Fitton-- founder and director

Rebecca Fitton is a licensed professional counselor in Michigan and Vermont with over twenty years of experience in individual and couples' work. Over the past seven years, Rebecca has developed an expertise in emotionally-focused therapy, a mode of practice that has become the industry gold standard for relationship counseling.

Emotionally-focused therapy (or EFT) was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson a the University of Ottawa. This approach to counseling is based on the science of attachment, which views human beings as "innately relational, social and wired for intimate bonding with others." 

Rebecca, along with her co-teacher, Dave Isbell, are the only therapists in Michigan trained in Peggy Kleinplatz's Optimal Sexual Experiences workshop. Rebecca and Dave are currently running their OSE workshops twice per calendar year.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Bluebird Team

Victoria Fitton, MSW, PhD

Children's Counseling Support and Supervision

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Victoria Fitton was the first Endowed chair in children's services at Michigan State University. She directed the School of Social Work at MSU and specializes in play therapy.

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